We strive to provide an innovative, professional and independent laboratory as well as a coffee training centre in Asia.
As certified Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Campus, we organize courses on coffee, from basic to advance skills.

We believe that process is an important part in achieving our vision. Thus to that, when we established PT. Belajar Kopi Bersama in 2015, we understood that coffee is a dynamic product. As a product, coffee goes through a long production process, starting from coffee beans until finishing in a nice cup.

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Adi W. Taroepratjeka


In Indonesia, one of the largest coffee producers in the world, there are various coffee types with different flavours. The majority of coffee that is grown in Indonesia is Robusta, although some farmers plant Arabica coffee or Liberica.

Indonesian farmers still have low coffee quality and low productivity to be managed. These issues are caused by, among others, the lack of good agricultural practices.

By using the 5758 Coffee Lab (Maju Mapan) brand, PT. Belajar Kopi Bersama is trying to improve the quality of people working the coffee industry in Indonesia. We provide education not only for baristas, but also consumers, roasters, graders, and coffee farmers.

“We want to create improvements in the coffee business, which will in return improve the quality of every coffee player”



Our quality and standard of education is unquestionable with the presence of our Q Grader Instructor Adi W. Taroepratjeka at 5758 Coffee Lab. Adi acquired his instructor certificate from the Coffee Quality Institute in 2015, making him the first person in Southeast Asia to obtain the certificate.

5758 Coffee Lab is the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premiere Training Campus in Indonesia. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is the result of a merger between the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in the end of 2016. This certification allows 5758 Coffee Lab to hold every certified training listed by the SCAA and SCAE.

5758 Coffee Lab is also the first coffee lab in ASEAN countries that is trusted by the ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) and the Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia (Asosiasi Kopi Spesialiti Indonesia) to hold the ACF Barista Training. This is in line with the profession standardisation of baristas. Baristas who have passed this training will have the opportunity to work in any ASEAN country members.
Adi W. Taroepratjeka
CEO & Founder

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Our classes are attended by various groups, from beginners to professionals in the coffee field. Besides individuals, coffee farmers, participants also came from various small coffee shops up to international level, as well as large coffee companies in Indonesia.

Until now our coffee education alumni have numbered more than 3000 people from almost all parts of Indonesia.

Aside from being in the country, we also have alumni from abroad, many participants are from Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macau, the People's Republic of China, Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, France and the United States.

The 5758 Coffee Lab instructor has also taught Q Grader Classes in Vietnam, the Philippines, the People's Republic of China, and Papua New Guinea

Kami memiliki Coffee Lab yang sesuai standar dari Specialty Coffee Association dan Coffee Quality Institute. Setiap 2 tahun sekali semua fasilitas akan disertifikasi ulang oleh lembaga tersebut.